People from the LGBTQ community often struggle with being comfortable with their own identity or even accepting their own gender identity, let alone having people around them accept who they are. This is not an unknown fact. However, there is a major difference when the origin of the struggle stems from sexuality and gender identification. Sadly, even among the LGBTQ community, transgender people can come across a lot of misunderstanding, bigotry, and transphobia. Since the process of finding out who you really are isn’t easy for people who fall under the LGBTQ spectrum, it’s completely normal if you identify as one thing, only to later realize that the label that you gave yourself doesn’t fit you anymore or it simply doesn’t feel right anymore.

Gender is a social construct, sexuality is fluid, and people are always growing and learning about themselves. Some people realize their gender identity from a really young age, however, this isn’t the case for everyone. Just because someone hasn’t realized their gender identity or sexual orientation at a young age, doesn’t mean that it’s any less legit. There are countless battles that a transgender person has to go through, just so that they can feel good in their own skin. One of the biggest reasons that trans people struggle with their identity is the fact that trans people face a lot of discrimination.

Homophobic and Transphobic

When someone lives in a homophobic and transphobic environment, it’s also more likely that they will struggle much more with their identity. Some people struggle with parents who don’t understand their gender identity, or who will go through measures such as disowning their child because they finally want to live the life that they deserve. The point is that there are countless factors that can play a part in how someone perceives and accepts themselves.

Every person is different and every person has their own set of problems and their own set of battles. Everybody has a different story, but in the end, all that matters is that they Gender Identityare happy and that they feel good about who they are. How someone identifies doesn’t make up their whole identity. But being denied the right to be who you are, to live your life freely and without fear – that effects your life drastically.

The transgender community is the community that understands this on a deeper level. Usually, connecting with a trans community can bring a sense of peace and calmness to a person who is transgender and struggles with accepting who they are. Finding a support group is always a good idea. There are steps that you can take, people that you can listen to, and people you can go to if you are struggling with accepting who you are and loving yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to turn off that voice that tells us that we’re bad because we’re a little bit different. A good way to turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk is looking for role models. There are amazing transgender people who are sending out the message of love and, most importantly, the message of self-love.