What is Trans woman?

To answer this question, clarification has to be done on the meaning of a transgender woman. A transgender woman is a Biological male who transitions into living and appearing as a female while a transgender man is a Biological female who through surgery procedures transform into living and appearing as a male. It is very important to remember that while many trans people volunteered to have surgery to appear in their desired sex, many others do not and they choose to retain their internal organs as they were born. It depends on the person. Therefore, the answer to the question is no. they do not have ovaries, nor do they have a uterus (womb). Unless they have had surgery to remove them, they have a penis and testicles. They are still capable of fathering children; however, their sperm count may go down significantly if they are taking gender reassignment hormones.

Trans Man and Pregnancy

In the case of transgender men, it is possible to conceive and bear children. It would depend on whether the person has had surgery to remove their female organs. Remember, you need both ovaries and a womb to get pregnant naturally. So, if those are gone, then no, it’s not possible to get pregnant. If all these are present nevertheless, then it is absolutely possible, either by means of natural sex or artificial insemination. Many trans men who wish to have their own natural children decide to get pregnant before going through with their surgery. So, it happens. There was a case recently, which is particularly a case of a transgender man whose partner is a biological man.

The transgender man chose to retain his natural female organs. He is therefore still capable of becoming pregnant naturally with his male partner as the father. Hormone therapy can decrease the likelihood of becoming pregnant, but the ovaries are very stubborn organs and can still ovulate even with added hormones.

Can a Transgender Woman become pregnant?

For a transgender woman to get pregnant, we really need to be able to have an artificial uterus. Viable artificial uterus right now is still in the realm of sci-fi. Current medical technology is able to create devices that can incubate a fetus that was delivered in the third trimester. However, being able to incubate a blastocyst into a human is something that only someone who is born a woman can do.

Technically, a transgender woman can be impregnated with an Ectopic Pregnancy (i.e. a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus). Such is where the already fertilized embryo has its blood supply taken from a place outside the womb and the embryo is attached in the abdomen instead. There are very rare cases of live births via cesarean section but a very high rate of death for the mother is 10% and a very high rate of death of the fetus is 99.9%. Ectopic pregnancies, however, may make it possible for a transgender woman to someday carry a child to term.