Transgender men usually do not have complicated grooming practices than that of the transgender women. It is a notion that a transgender man should not look perfectly polished, however, personal grooming must not be taken for granted. Here are the basic ways to do it.

Take a shower daily. It is very important to clean yourself every day, aside from washing away the germs it can also make you feel good, fresh and clean. Do shave. Maintaining a clean shave makes you look brand new. But if you prefer to keep your beard and mustaches just make sure to trim it on a regular basis for you to be neat.

Always trim the hairs inside nostrils. This is the most ignored grooming idea but people will always notice it, they just don’t call your attention when they see it. Trim your nails. Having long nails are not appropriate for a transgender man especially if it’s dirty. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, try to go to a nail parlor at least once a month in order to make your nails clean.

Care for your eyebrows. It essential to care for your eyebrows, not shaping them. Check if you have few white hairs there and trim them. Or, if some strands are longer and away from the group then cut them. Eyebrows give additional attraction to your eyes. It makes you look attentive and alert too when your eyebrows clean and well-groomed.

Floss your teeth after brushing. You will always be perceived as having good personal hygiene when you are wearing a smile with clean teeth. This is the most basic grooming tip that applies to all. For sure you have heard it many times already from the radio and TV ads to brush your teeth three times a day. And flossing after brushing makes it more perfectly clean and tidy.

Grooming for Transgender ManHave a good haircut. Visit your barber regularly. Choose a haircut that fits your facial feature. A clean haircut that shows your ears and does not cover your neck is always a good sight.

Wear clothes that suit you and fit your body. The way you dress-up somehow defines you. Choose clothing that is comfortable and has the precise fit for you. Also, take note that there is a proper attire for different occasions.

Use fragrance that is light to the nose. Remember, you are just wearing cologne or perfume for yourself to add your confidence and make you feel good, and not for other people to smell. It’s your personal choice which fragrance works better for you but please select the not so strong to the scent.

Remember to wear shoes in the same color as your belt. Matching your shoes with the color of your belt is not a must, but this is another trick to make your appearance more pleasing.

Keep your face clean. Love your face. Make it presentable all the time by investing in quality products like a facial cleanser to keep it smooth and clean.

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