There are many exciting things people don’t know about a trans woman. Some have vaginas while others have penises, some love BDSM, while others would die for butt sex. When it comes to trans women, they are not a single group! They’re a diverse bunch of individuals just like any other.

During sex, some women use their penises while others don’t. Just because a trans woman has a penis does not necessarily mean she will use it in a manner that you expect. Most trans women on estrogen have difficulty maintaining an erection; however, there are many things you can do with a flaccid penis, and touching it can still be pleasurable for her.

What about the G-spot?

Trans women have a tiny prostate gland that you can access through the anus. It is similar to a g-spot.

Do they orgasm?

A transgender woman who has undergone a gender confirmation surgery (a surgical procedure for removing the penis and turning it into a vulva) can still have an orgasm. What usually happens is that the surgeon relocates nerve endings from the penis to create the clitoris, so touching the clitoris is similar to touching the head of the penis, and can feel equally erotic.

Can a person get pregnant with a trans woman?

It depends on the person in question. For example, a transgender woman who is undergoing hormone replacement therapy has a lower sperm count than a woman who is not, but it is still possible for women on estrogen to get people pregnant. Notably, a transgender woman who’s had the testicles removed but still has the penis intact cannot produce sperm at all, and can’t get anyone pregnant. Also, a post-op woman can’t produce sperm.

Can a cis woman find a transgender partner to date?

The population of transgender people is growing. With time, it will get easier to find a transgender partner. Trans women are not that different from cisgender individuals.

However, the dating scene for trans women is a bit different. There are a couple of challenges that these individuals experience. Cisgender women don’t have to worry about dating a person whose gender matches their biological sex.

Some cisgender people prefer sleeping with a trans person than dating them. This means that these cis individuals view transgender persons as sex objects.

This is the same view that straight and gay individuals have about bisexuals. Studies have found that they love the idea of having sex with bisexuals rather than dating them. Bisexual and trans people are broadly perceived as better sexual partners than relationship partners. This is disrespectful and dehumanizing and needs to stop.

The high number of trans individuals who are not lucky in the dating arena is partly due to cissexism, cisnormativity, and transphobia. All these factors arise as a result of lacking knowledge about trans individuals. Many trans people live in fear of discrimination. Another factor that might have a significant hand in trans exclusion is the fact for certain individuals, sexual orientation is not just about the other person’s gender identity, but being attracted to certain body types.